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Here at JD Civil Engineering Ltd our team of road construction experts provide a range of services for road construction Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Dorset and across South West England.

With a selection of civil engineering companies to choose from our aim is to raise the standards for all civil engineering companies by providing a high quality highways and road construction and maintenance services with the mission of achieving our clients goals.

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Road & Highway Construction

Highway and road construction requires the design and construction of carefully engineered continuous roadbeds, overcoming natural geographic obstacles and working with local Governmental agencies to ensure that all roads are executed to meet compliance and safety. JD Civil Engineering Ltd we are highway and road construction experts and always aim to ensure our roads are long lasting and require minimal maintenance. Alongside the construction of the actual road itself, it’s also important to factor in other associated services such as drainage, groundworks, etc. Highway and road engineering is segment of civil engineering that includes the design, construction and maintenance of roads, bridges and and tunnels to ensure the effective transport of people and goods.

Tunnels, Bridges & Structures

Our team can undertake all forms of services for roads and highway projects including traffic diversions, roundabouts, tunnels, bridges, temporary roads, motorways, junctions, etc. We can work with consultants and other contractors to ensure that only high quality standards are produced. This includes operations within the public and private sector with minimal disruption to businesses, public activities and vital commercial activities. Our operatives can also help with all high and road maintenance in the case of roads becoming damaged or lack the necessary compliance for health and safety. If you are looking for highway or road construction Devon and South West England then contact JD Civils today to discuss your project.

Highway and Road Construction Devon and South West England

Health and safety is one of the most important parts of any successful civil engineering project. JD Civil Engineering Ltd focus on guaranteeing our clients a high standard of safety to ensure all staff and members of the general public are at no risk. We undergo routine and random inspection to maintain our excellent track record of health and safety compliance.

Industries We Serve

Based near Exeter in Devon, we completely understand the commercial world around us. Cities, suburban and rural areas are constantly growing with office buildings, developments and public projects taking place all the time. As a result transport networks including railways, roads and highways are vital. For our civil engineers the key to a successful project is to meet client goals and maintain a high level of quality throughout the entire design, planning and construction process. We are very happy to discuss commercial client goals and our in-house team are fully qualified to help with making cost effective decisions that will not jeopardise project quality or functionality.

JD Civil Engineering Ltd have a proven past performance in the public sector for public building projects such as schools, hospitals, health centres, community facilities, car parks and community spaces. All projects include the latest technology and a group of highly trained civil engineers who understand complex requirements whilst being able to transfer these specifications into functional designs and buildings our clients understand. We work with other consultants and architects to ensure a well engineered solution is given and valued is added where possible. We have worked on numerous large scale commercial projects and will be happy to offer assistance.

Our team have considerable experience in the education sector working with Government funded and private funded projects in Devon and across South West England. This covers educational buildings such as schools, universities, colleges and all forms of typical infrastructure within these types of buildings (e.g. classrooms, sports halls, assembly points, dining areas, etc). The general population throughout the South West of England is growing rapid and with it so does the need of educational facilities. This sector is growing rapidly and we work closely with other consultants and architects to create both standard school structures but can also produce more bespoke school sites. 

Travel and infrastructure is key for boosting local economic development to enable the general public to access jobs and other facilities (e.g. health centres, schools, hospitals, etc). We recognise the importance of travel and infrastructure in all areas covering cities, suburban and rural areas for both private and commercial uses. Roads, highways and railways are key for a vibrant community and something we are passionate to offer technical solutions for. Let our team of civil engineers help design, plan and construct based around your specifications to produce an excellent finish that works for the end-user.

JD Civil Engineering Ltd work closely with large Public and Private home building companies including Kier, Barratt Developments, Morgan Sindall and more. Our projects range from small residential works to large multi million pound housing developments. From planning to construction we can offer advice on foundations, structural safety, constructibility, environmental implications, materials and sustainability. We have a great deal of experience in undertaking this type of civil engineering services covering structural engineering, drainage and sewers, roads and highways, groundworks, etc. This helps us point common issues and problems that may arise to our clients before they have actually happened to help reduce waste and unnecessary expenditure.

Hotels and leisure projects are bespoke projects that involve careful design and planning before any construction works take place. One of the key things to point out is the geographic location of the hotel or leisure facility alongside client goals, budgets and economic issues, user experience, compatibility with surrounding areas, supply chains and much more. As a result, the ability to change and have flexibility is extremely important with these types of civil engineering projects. We have a massive amount of experience with concrete structures, steel structures, road networks, drainage systems, large scale landscaping and car parks amongst other associated services.

JD Civil Engineering Ltd have a large catchment area when it comes to our working locations. We are based near Exeter in Devon but offer our services throughout the entirety of South West England. This includes all services including highway and road construction Devon, structural engineering, highways and roads, railway engineering, groundworks, sewers and drainage projects. We service the following counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Dorset. If you are looking for a civil engineering company that can handle highway and road construction Devon and across South West England, then contact our office near Exeter today.

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